Tennis Power

Power Doesn’t Come From The “Hips.”

I can hear it now as the coach yells, “The power comes from your hips, USE YOUR HIPS MORE”!

The coach is partially right. So much of our power is generated when we use our hips. But what if we used our hips, didn’t use our legs, and didn’t use our arms? That really wouldn’t work, would it?

My point…power is most generous to our forehands, backhands, serves, and explosive athletic movements when we use incredibly well-timed sequencing.

This means when a player rotates to swing, jumps to serve, Hip Turns to chase down a lob, they need it all, baby!  

Players need their feet, and lower leg timed up with their legs and hips, and their core and shoulder turn timed up with their arm, wrist, and racquet speed. If a player has one of these lazy and not involved, well, let’s say it’s not going to be pretty!

Power is a tennis player’s best friend. It is the utilization of strength and speed. At its face-value, power really can’t help a tennis player unless it’s utilized with a well-timed sequence of movements from top to bottom or bottom-up…

I am not a fan of HEAVY medicine ball throws where coaches have the players mimic a ground stroke because the timing will be way off. If you want to use side medicine ball throws and tosses to train with- then cool!

But, don’t go heavy and screw up the well-timed coordination of a ground stroke because the arms had to start rotating way too soon due to the medicine ball’s weight.

Have you seen the size of some of our greatest tennis players’ arms and shoulders? Tennis players will not win any bodybuilding competition anytime soon, but man, can they generate incredible speeds and power.

I’m just having fun, but really – It’s always about the timing. I am amazed when watching junior players who could crush the ball. AMAZING!

By all means, continue to build power into your tennis player’s hips- it is essential! But if you forget the rest of what makes power matter, it’s going to be a short tennis career!

In the Certified Tennis Speed Specialist Course, I outline in detail all about generating a sequence of power.

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