CTSS Academy

$99.00 / year with 1 year free trial

We’ve removed all the headaches of CEUs and re-certification. As a CTSS you’re automatically enrolled in the ACADEMY… And ALL your continuing education (drills, movements, tests, updated programming, etc.) is at your fingertips. Just watch the videos and you’ll stay certified. 

Your first year is entirely free (it’s included in your CTSS certification). After that, it’s around $8/month (only $99/year).



The One Place for All Your CEUs

The problem with most certifications is the frustrating, expensive, time-wasting dance you gotta do to stay certified. 

We know you’re busy we’ve removed all the barriers and headaches to get re-certified AND turned it into a massive benefit.

When you get certified, you’ll receive a full year in the “Academy”. It’s our online training community and education platform updated weekly with new drills, movement breakdowns, training progressions, and much more.

And the best part? To stay certified, all you have to do is watch our new videos… No need to submit CEUs from other organizations.

If you love the Academy, after the first year you’ll automatically stay enrolled for just $99/year. 

That covers EVERYTHING. Your “CEUs”. Membership to the Academy. Re-certification. And the ability to use the CTSS and TMA distinctions. 

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