How to Organize a Training Session

Being able to structure a session requires an understanding of the science of training and the effects it will cause, with the art of manipulating the variables to get the desired result and motivate athletes.  

Five components are important to me…

Always prepare with multi-planar movements

The more players are prepared to move in all 3-planes, the more prepared they will perform and train. The ability to feed the entire body sensory information by moving in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes is vital to integrate these planes sequentially.

Fire Up the CNS

If the players want to move fast, be quick, and react off the ground, the nervous system must be excited with short duration high-speed foot and hand drills. Doing line drills, dot drills, straddles, ladder drills, quick hips… these all lead to a player that is fired up and ready to go!

Power Every Day!

If an athlete trains three-days per week, add power drills with some form of ballistic medicine ball throw, slam, and toss. Be sure to add a powerful concentric jump- vertical or horizontal.

Reactive Tier System for Speed

The Reactive Tier System is my baby! It helps me, as the players’ coach, as much as it does the players. It gives me tremendous feedback as to how there are strategizing the mechanics during various speed patterns. If the athletes are consistently struggling on a particular movement, it leads me directly to the fifth component important to me.

Correctives to Fix

After using either Tier 1, 2, or 3 reactive drills, dial in and put in place a corrective exercise (drill) that improves the pattern the athletes are struggling with. This is magical because it immediately gives the players context as to why we are doing this drill.

There you have it…these are my must-haves in a workout!

And as always… it depends!

The CTSS is jammed-packed with how I program, the drills and skills I attach to one another, and the techniques that change the game for the players…and you as a coach!

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