Are You Increasing Your Bank Account?

What are You Selling – Do the Math!

You might be wondering if I am going to try to sell you something- nope! Well, kind of… but not to buy from me. I want your clients (tennis players, parents, coaches) to buy from you.

Here’s the deal. Suppose you are a tennis coach, a tennis skills instructor, a tennis performance coach, or a tennis academy director; you put in hours and hours of work. You might be making good money and be completely satisfied; however, let’s rethink your business model.

All else being equal, would you instead work with one tennis player and make $75 per hour, or ten players and make $350 per hour? I don’t think this is a question that would need to be asked twice. What if you could make $3500 for the day and work 4-5 hours?

You have to do the math based on the time commitment you are willing to make, but if you told me I could work from 9 am-1 pm and profit $3500- I am all in!

Please don’t think I am ignoring the concept of individual attention and having to focus on only one athlete. It is practical and proven; however, it is a lousy business model. If you care about impacting more athletes, you have to be able to work with more athletes.

This is where you start including group training and possibly clinics into your business model.

There will be athletes who can’t afford your private one-on-one training rate but could afford your group and clinic fees. I built my speed academies on group training. If you understand how to manage groups, each athlete will get specific and individual attention- it’s incredible!

The great thing about groups is the energy and momentum. Kids like being around other kids- they don’t want to listen to you all the time. They want to create a connection with other athletes.

When I ask if you are increasing your bank account, I am not trying to make it sound like money is the only important commodity – we all know that’s far from the truth. But, if you are working harder and not smarter, you won’t gain the opportunities you deserve.


When you increase your revenue, you open up opportunities as a tennis coach, tennis performance coach, tennis director.

  • You can hire quality help.
  • You can purchase the needed equipment.
  • You can take a much-needed vacation.
  • You can spend more time with your family.
  • You can market your business better.

Somewhere along the way, making money became a negative. In reality, money isn’t the issue. It’s the person who makes the money we should focus on. Bad people will still be bad people when they make more money. Great people will still be great people when THEY make more money. It’s what you do with it that matters.

Please understand me! I have no right to tell you what to do and how to handle your business- unless you ask. As a professional who has made every mistake and learned from those mistakes, I feel obligated, to be honest with you. Not taking advantage of every opportunity to help more tennis players while increasing your income isn’t intelligent.

When I created the Tennis Movement Assessment (TMA) for the CTSS, it was designed to assess how the tennis player moved. It was also intended for an opportunity to run clinics, camps, and training programs. The TMA is a powerful tool to grow your client list and also revenue. Go to and see what all the hype is about.

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